Previously on OR Comics! The Mid Season Hiatus.

Writer's Blog, star date - insanely late.


Yeah it's been a while since I touched this thing. So what's new? And why the absence?


Uni, uni, uni. This has been my final year and the dissertation and work load has been asbolutely killing me. Glad to say I've now handed it in and I'm on my way to holding an Honours Degree. It feels great, my shoulders are so light they're floating. Apart from trying to get a pesky day job (even Supes had one), it's time to focus on my passion:


OR Comics.


My ultimate career ambition is to be a writer. To write comics. To write screenplays, to write video games. As long as it involves a word document and telling a story, I'll be thrilled. With uni behind me, and OR Comics picking up some steam, I'm feeling really positive about the direction I'm heading in. I literally will not accept failure, and will make this my future career. Hold this blog against me, I promise I will!


So now that I'm free of uni expect a more steady stream of content, we're trying to focus alot more on one-shots while we brew Villainous in the background for it's grand finale this year at Thought Bubble. We'll also aim to bring fresh Collabatory's to the site, and really keep activity and buzz going. I'll be back to updating Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter and spreading the word of OR Comics.


Just to say a thanks to everyone who has read our material, follows us on social networking and has spoke to us at cons. We appreciate all the support and interest, and to have a comic fan like your stuff is just the greatest compliment ever.