Glasgow Comic Con 2013 Report


Gary Chudleigh at GCC



It’s been a week since Glasgow Comic Con, and already I miss it dearly.


To summarise, it was awesome.


The venue, while roasting from this heat wave in Glasgow (which I’m loving), didn’t damper any attendee or exhibitor spirits. Some people even still braved going in cosplay that could not have been comfortable at all.

Our wee exhibitor section was packed full of great artists and creators. With the likes of Rob Miller, Neil Slorance and SICBA award winning Morag Kewell across the floor and sharing a table with people whose work I highly admire such Chris Connelly, Iain Laurie and John Lees. Our wee spot in the con was a full concentration of amazing talents.


The attendees were amazing and so enthusiastic about indie comics compared to other conventions. We sold upwards to 200, a huge feat and a record for Obscure Reference Comics. Most of this success was down to Luke and the launch of the enticingly good iHero, so a big congrats to Luke on his success.


I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who stopped by our table for a chat and a big shout out of love to Sha Nazir, John Farman and the hard working crew of Glasgow Comic Con and the Centre of Contemporary Arts (CCA).


I’d also like to say a hello and congrats to fellow GLOW members who exhibited down stairs, Gordon Robertson, Gordon MacLean and Garry McLaughlin, and to comic allies Team Girl Comics and Ed Murphy of Rough Cut Comics. It was great catching up.


And lastly a big thanks to the OR team Luke Halsall and Graeme Kennedy, it was a great con.

Till next year.