Villainous Issue 1 Part 3


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Detective Bryson, following a hunch, has pursued Victor Arkin into the woods surrounding Straffen Asylum. The pair have had a violent struggle but Bryson, having gained the upper hand, is threatening to kill Victor in retribution for his past crimes. Is it right to kill to prevent murder? Continue the story of Villainous.

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Issue 01: Reborn - Part 3

Artwork, inking and colouring by: Graeme Kennedy

Writing and lettering by: Gary Chudleigh

Editied by: Graeme Kennedy and Gary Chudleigh


Villainous is created by Obscure Reference Comics. Villainous is copyright © 2011 by Gary Chudleigh and Graeme Kennedy, all rights reserved. The characters, places and incidents featuring in this publication are fictional. Any similarity to actual persons, events institutions, or locales is purely coincidental, so don't complain.





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