Villainous Desktop Wallpapers

Needing more obscurity to your desktop background? Then apply these 3 exciting Villainous themed wallpapers available for download for free!

Website Update!

Obscure Reference Comics Logo

Any previous visitors will notice our site has went through a major overhaul and upgrades to make it an even better experience! We have many new features such as: the mesmerising slideshow banner, a search bar to hunt through our site, and a revamped download section and a forum.

San Diego Comic Con 2009


The Obscure Reference Comics team set upon the comic book and media event of the year!

We took along some preview copies of the Villainous Prologue and the Villainous Poster for free give aways. Let us know if you picked one up by via Facebook, Bebo or Twitter.  We also wore our Villainous tees to show them off. Highlights include meeting Jimmy Daze and buying one of his graphic novels, and meeting the lovely ladies from the Suicide Girls.

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