2010: The launch of OR Comics

OR in the media


2010 is now gone, and a new year of possibilities is upon us. We aim to make 2011 just as good as 2010, which was an incredible year for OR Comics.


Villainous Talk: OR Comics in the Media

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Since the release of Villainous issue one, OR Comics are cropping up in different great sites with reviews and interviews. The Facebook page has also gathered more popularity and some readers have provided feedback of their own! Here is an omnibus, if you will, of OR in the media.

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OR Comics at Thought Bubble 2010


Villainous Vader


Obscure Reference Comics had yet another successful convention appearance at Thought bubble, the Leed Sequential Art Festival!


On Saturday 21st November 2010, in the Royal Armouries hall, OR exhibited along with a vast range of small press exhibitors and special guests with the likes of John Romita Jr, Boo cook and Lee Townsend.

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