Comic Book Therapy Reviews Villainous Issue One!


Comic Book Therapy now have a review of Villainous issue one on their site! Also check out the main site for multimedia reviews, feature articles, games and much more!


Say Goodnight

Say Goodnight


Check out the first one-shot by OR Comics, a noir thriller called Goodnight. Expect more one off short web comics like this in the near future. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

And if you haven't already caught up, check out the The Colllabatory season 2!

Glasgow Comic and Toy Fair Part Two


The Obscure Reference Team appeared for the second time at the Glasgow Comic and Toy Fair, a mart for comic fans right in the Glasgow area!


Held at the Queen Margaret Union, a group of small press creators and dealers sold comics and memorabilia to a packed local audience.


The OR team signed copies of Villainous and handed out some nice freebies such as badges and promoted the site with new flyers.


This is the second time the mart has been held in the QMU and will no doubt be back later this year, along with OR Comics.


Check them out, they will also be organising the first ever Glasgow Comic Con in 15 years this Summer, featuring guests such as Mark Millar and Frank Quitely.


Thanks to Gary McKinnon for taking photos at the event.

Comic Buzz Review

Comics Buzz Review of Villainous


Comic Buzz has reviewed Villainous issue one, along with a short mention of issue two part one!


"In a few years time you can boast to your friends about how you were a fan way back at the beginning."


Read the full review here.


Do you agree with the review? Give us feedback on Facebook or the official OR Forum!

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