2010: The launch of OR Comics

OR in the media


2010 is now gone, and a new year of possibilities is upon us. We aim to make 2011 just as good as 2010, which was an incredible year for OR Comics.



We attended our first event exhibiting and went on to two others, created our very first full issue in Villainous issue one, got video, print and audio coverage and developed our site to a great professional level and began production on another web comic for visitors to enjoy.


The launch of OR Comics and our beginning success is thanks to many great people.

We completed issue one of Villainous early 2010, and we owe a big thanks to the printers Think Digital who gave us a great price aswell as printing other promotional items such as posters at a reduced rate.

From there we went to our first convention as exhibitors, as we attended London Expo in May, a brand new experience that was slightly nerve-racking. Thankfully we had an amazing time, due to great staff, fellow small press exhibitors and attendees. We thank Emma Vieceli and Anna Petterson for organisation and helping us out. We also thank Time Bomb Comics who shared a foxhole with us, and our neighbouring exhibitor professional artist Lee Townsend. Both were friendly guys that made the experience that more pleasant. Our other neighbour was talented Manga artist Ruth Keattch who told us all about the convention experience.

A small comic and toy fair in Glasgow was a great experience in September. We met a fantastic Scottish small press team who post in Comics Corner, and are thankful to the organiser and hope the convention will grow in 2011.

Our last convention of the year was the superb Thought Bubble convention in Leeds. We met another great and friendly manga artist named Alice who shared our foxhole. We bumped into a small press friend Daniel Clifford of Sugar Gilder Comics, who until then, had only been a friend online. We also got great opportunities publicity wise, all of which will be mentioned below.


2010 saw us get a good amount of publicity, which is crucial to establishing your comic and making it in the industry.


We thank the following people:

Gordon Robertson of Geek Chocolate, the first journalist that we spoke to and the first one to review Villainous. His review was constructive and flattering and the review was a big stepping stone for OR Comics.

Gavin O'Reilly of Liberation Frequency, who gave us our first interview for print. His questions were in depth, and a great promotion for us to get out the word of OR Comics.

Matt Pease of Geek Syndicate, a great writer who gave an excellent review of Villainous hot off the heels of Thought Bubble.

David Monteith of Geek Syndicate, a well known friendly Geek on the convention scene who not only gave us a 30 second promo video for their site, but also gave us a favourable review in one of their podcasts.

Nick Thomson and Rosie K. Stoker of TB Life 24, who gave us an amazing in depth interview as part of their coverage for Thought Bubble for the Leeds film festival.

Very importantly, we would like to thank all the comic fans who follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, who have spent their hard earned cash on our issues and have joined up to the site to see all of our material. We do it for the comic fans, and we couldn't do it without your continued support.

As a personal note from me (Gary), I'd also like to thank Graeme for being an incredible artist and designer. Graeme made the site, colours, inks and draws the comics. Without him, we wouldn't be so far this fast. I'd like to thank my ever supporting fiancée Kate O'Brien and writer and friend Grant Jennings, who has provided feedback and proof read for me on many occasions.


Roll on 2011, and apologies for omissions, my memory isn't the best.


Have a happy new year!


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