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About Invisible

High school geek Rick Dickson achieves the wish of every rejected teenager – to disappear. Rick, now commanding the gift of invisibility, has to not only face the emotional lows of high school, but the dangerous world of being a superhero. As Rick is trying to come to terms with his new life and the shocking truth about father, he must battle against a familiar threat from within his school. Is all this drama and pain part of being a superhero, or is it just part of growing up?

We are beyond excited about this project. With our love of the likes of Spider-man and Buffy, we saw an opportunity with the character ‘The Invisible Dick’ to tell a story of the modern high school experience, only from our home grown experiences in Scotland. It’s an honour to be included in such an historic project along with some of the best new talent around. DC Thomson have entrust us with their characters and we hope you guys like it as much as we liked making it. Stay geeky folks.