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I'm Super...

Super Girl Flying


I've been trying to think of some cool stuff to post and figured this ought to shut Gary up. I've been reading the new 52 Super Girl series hence the costume choice, it's definitely one fo the better New 52 comics, at least in the sense that it acts like an origins and introduction to the Super Girl character. Also I like the new costume it looks practical but sexy and a bit less 'girly' than some of Super Girl's other looks.


Super Sad


I think this kind of update could become a regular thing. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Surfs Up



I've been feeling in a "surfy" mood this week hence the above and below picture. Let me know which one is your fav.


On a realted note I'm still experimenting with the content of my blogs updates, so if there's anything you'd like to see let me know. You can post a comment below or in the Forum. We've recently updated our T-shirt selection check it out, I would like to add some more Collabatory Tees to the mix so if there are any panels or gags you'd love to wear then let us know.


Surfs up....


Surf Dude


Bryson... Bry's son. Get it?

Bryson Moody


Detective Bryson from Villainous, in a standard moody/badass pose. No requests for a nude of him so I figured he can keep his shirt on this time.


As usual if you like please lets me know in the comments below.

Check Mate

Check Mate

Your move.


I think I mentioned before that from time to time you might see some nakied ladies (if you want more naked dudes leave a comment/suggestion). I'm not really sure who she's playing chess with, but suspect they may be a vampire (no reflection).

I just noticed most of the pics I've been posting here have been sketches or doodles etc so in future I'll try and post more finished pieces, if you can't wait until whenever that might be you cn always check out my deviant art page there are some more finished works here.

Jess villainous enough UPDATE

Jess Bryson Colour


Told you I had a colour version of this one hanging around, found it hiding away in the dark recesses of my hard drive. I like the muddy colours that are happening here, hope you agree. Make sure and tell me in the comments.


Jess Villainous


Here's an early concept art for Jessica (Bryson's Wife) from Villainous. We experimented with a variety of styles at the beginning this is obviously a lot looser than what we went for in the end. I guess you can tell from my previous posts I like this style, I'm a big fan of Ashley Wood and Ben Templesmith, I really like the grungy sort of over designed quality to their artwork. They are both able to give their sequential art a great sense of pace and character presence, with Villainous being so strongly character driven it's pretty clear why I went for this style initially.

In the end we went with a slightly tighter style, but I think this pic of Jessica really fits with the tone of Villainous, also I would have liked to do Villainous in black and white, so you can blame Gary when it takes me a month longer to finish issues. I did a colour study of this drawing but I'll leave the B&W on up, cos that's how I roll.

Do you think we should have stuck to B&W? or do you like Villainous just the way it is? Let me know in the comments. (You don't need to sign up to post)

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