Villainous Prologue

Villainous Prologue


Villainous Prologue tells the tragic story of Victor Arkins past. Discover what drove Victor to become a terrorist and murderer? Find out now in the exclusive 5 page prologue comic. What could make a man so Villainous...?




Villainous: Prologue

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Villainous: Prologue

Artwork by: Graeme Kennedy

Writing by: Gary Chudleigh

Lettering by: Gary Chudleigh

Edited by: Graeme Kennedy and Gary Chudleigh

Villainous is a crime thriller story, a dark and gritty tale of redemption and revenge. Scarred for life in a brutal attack when he was a young child, Victor Arkin became a crazed, psychotic murderer and terrorist. Captured and incarcerated in Straffen Asylum for the criminally insane for the past 15 years. Victor becomes aware of a similarly disturbed mind with a Villainous plan to attack the City.


Part one of a three part story.


Read Villainous: Prologue online now.


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Villainous is created by Obscure Reference Comics. Villainous is copyright © 2012 by Gary Chudleigh and Graeme Kennedy, all rights reserved. The characters, places and incidents featuring in this publication are fictional. Any similarity to actual persons, events institutions, or locales is purely coincidental, so don't complain.



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