uggh I hate ninjas

Jill Violence

Yeah, I might have forgot to mention in my previous blog update that I also like to draw lots of naked chicks/ladies ( delete which ever is least offensive), so expect to see lots more where this came from.


I should probably explain a little about Tits & Violence, although I think the title says it all.

Sketch Blog

Blonde Femme Fatale


I'm a man of few words, which I guess makes sense seeing as I'm the artist for Obscure Reference Comics. I like to let my pictures do the talking, so this blog will be lots of pretty pictures with maybe some captions describing them. I want to show off what goes into making each comic, so you'll see lots of sketch book stuff. The picture above is some pre-lim work for our most recent comic Good Night check it out if you haven't all ready.


If you didn't already pick up on it the name CONSUME SLEEP OBEY is a (not so obscure) reference to the awesome movie They Live. The other reason for naming it that (apart from for the ref) is because I hope that my blog will become a refreshing oasis away from the the daily grind of comic book production.


Anyway, I haven't decided on the format for my updates so if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments.



Check back regularly for new updates, below is villainous tester drawings from my Sketch book.


villainous sketch





A portfolio review by Mark Millar - exciting first post eh?

First welcome to my blog section of the site, I'm the guy who writes and letters for OR Comics and no doubt they'll be some sort of banner on the site to clearly label that fact so this sentence is pointless.


Ah well.


But thank you very much for having a look at my blog! Hope it isn't boring.


Okay so rather good news for my first post - the sit down CLiNT portfolio review wasn't just with editorial staff as I had assumed, and it was infact with famed comic writer Mark Millar. This was a shock, but a pleasant one, as nowhere did the event advertise as Millar being the person who done the reviewal.


The review went well, but was hindered by time. Mid reviewal, a woman informed Millar that time was running short and with five people after me, mines had to be far more brief than previous people. It was a shame, because while Millar had nice things to say and some constructive criticism for areas of improvement, the previous attendees got a much more indepth analysis, which brought up structure, inking and other aspects, whereas only the art could really be commented on in the time frame. I feel as if I missed out, but still had a good time. He was really friendly. No ego, or smarm, just a guy you could probably have a pint with.


Next up it's the convention on Saturday at Glasgow's QMU, check it out on Facebook for info.


P.s it was weird having a reviewal of artwork when the artist couldn't make it! Damn you timing of the event! Maybe next time Graeme?


and p.p.s I love Total Recall and shamed to admit I am now just sitting down to read the original short story. I'm on and off with Philip K. Dick, I find his stuff interesting but some of his material completely cold and uninvolving. SO far I'm liking "..For you Wholesale" and I do love Blade Runner (I can't be bothered typing the full titles even though this clearly takes more effort).

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