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I think I mentioned before that from time to time you might see some nakied ladies (if you want more naked dudes leave a comment/suggestion). I'm not really sure who she's playing chess with, but suspect they may be a vampire (no reflection).

I just noticed most of the pics I've been posting here have been sketches or doodles etc so in future I'll try and post more finished pieces, if you can't wait until whenever that might be you cn always check out my deviant art page there are some more finished works here.

Jess villainous enough UPDATE

Jess Bryson Colour


Told you I had a colour version of this one hanging around, found it hiding away in the dark recesses of my hard drive. I like the muddy colours that are happening here, hope you agree. Make sure and tell me in the comments.


Jess Villainous


Here's an early concept art for Jessica (Bryson's Wife) from Villainous. We experimented with a variety of styles at the beginning this is obviously a lot looser than what we went for in the end. I guess you can tell from my previous posts I like this style, I'm a big fan of Ashley Wood and Ben Templesmith, I really like the grungy sort of over designed quality to their artwork. They are both able to give their sequential art a great sense of pace and character presence, with Villainous being so strongly character driven it's pretty clear why I went for this style initially.

In the end we went with a slightly tighter style, but I think this pic of Jessica really fits with the tone of Villainous, also I would have liked to do Villainous in black and white, so you can blame Gary when it takes me a month longer to finish issues. I did a colour study of this drawing but I'll leave the B&W on up, cos that's how I roll.

Do you think we should have stuck to B&W? or do you like Villainous just the way it is? Let me know in the comments. (You don't need to sign up to post)

Villainous in 3D!

No, our comic hasn't jumped to fad territory yet...





The 3D is infact this awesome clay model of Victor Arkin my friends Jess and Stephen (he made it, she directed) got me for my birthday! Really thoughtful gift, and it's cool to see a prototype action figure for your own comic character. maybe Todd McFarlane will be phoning me soon to make a full production line. Okay I wish. Let's talk when we're published eh?


Stephen's a talented guy with some hilarious youtube videos, check out his stuff here, and for another use of his clay models check out this!


I don't know if the humour is too Glaswegian for everyone to appreciate, but to us from Glasgae, it's funny as fuck! Everyone can relate to Customer Service though, well anyone who has ever have to deal with customers. They're a pain, really.


I thought about doing a short strip series about customer experience I've had in real life but I'm not too certain if I want to actually go through with it. Could it get me in trouble with my work? Maybe.


In unrelated news we have a new review heading our way, I'll post it up in the news section once complete!




Glasgow Comic Fair: The Uncut Report

OR Team in action at the QMU


First convention of 2011 was a rather interesting one, both good and bad. It's always fun, and an honour when someone picks up your comic and then goes through with it and actually buying it. It's a lot to ask without a big brand name behind you or any sort of major publicity. So again, thanks to people who bought it. This convention was however our weakest one yet, for a few reasons...


1. I was loaded with the cold! Now conventions make me nervous so I'm usually spacewalking through the day on minimal sleep, but this time I was ill to boot! Expecting a friendly chatty person when looking at the comic - look elsewhere! I was clamped up, not intentionally but just due to my miserableness. I'm usually an active talker when people have a peek to interest them, but not last Saturday.


2. If you can see by the picture or half table was sandwiched between two exhibitors with big boxes. Now it is their right to use them, and I'm not cheeky enough to moan about them, it was just unfortunate that we were squeezed in the corner between them without proper breathing space.


3. Too much going on. We had ideas for competitions to promote, but due to the busyness it was hard to convey them. We still like the idea of competitions for artwork and tee shirts, but we'll just need to think of a new way to approach it. The leaflets on them cluttered our table (as you can see)!


We're going to announce the competition for general use, not just the people at that convention, so keep an eye out!


The mart was good overall and the one we attended last year was our most successful convention sales wise. Luck had to run out soon, and hopefully once issue two is released we'll get some fans coming back for more.


The guy that organise the marts is also doing the Glasgow Comic Con, a first for 15 years, which I can't attend due to being on holiday. I'm quite gutted to be honest as it's large scale and would be perfect for exhibiting.


There's always next year...

Cover Up

Cover Thumbs


This is some cover concepts/thumbnails form a sci-fi comic idea that never happened, it kind of turned into Myth Monster MotherRucker, well apart form the bottom left one that was for X the Vampyr, which I'll be getting to right after I finish work on Villainous, only 3 and a bit more issues to go.


This guy is kind of the professor character from MMM though there has obviously been some changes since then.




I kinda like this style, I did this with some nice calligraphy pens I got, I can't realy use them for doing Villainous so I doodle with them when I can. If you like it let me know in the comments below.


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