Writing Comics: The 3 Act Structure

And we're back! Remember this is the basics for writing, there is alot more that goes in to structure but this is a good start before reading further. Hope you enjoy it guys, and drop me a line with feedback!


#geekdiet, who is with me?


So last year I took a big plunge in my life and finally stepped on the scales, I was up at 17 stone. This was the sort of breaking point that really kicked me into going on a diet. No more talking, no more saying I'll do it and then not, I went for it. And I done well, I lost 2 and a half stone.


But now that I'm married, I started to get comfy again and it's crept back up to 15 stone and 6 pounds. Okay it's not as bad, but it's still a gain of 12 pounds. I don't want it to be all for nothing.


So now I'm back on the diet! And I will be tracking my progress through this blog. And I'm also going to extend an invitation, who's with me on the #geekdiet?


I achieved the weight loss by simply tracking calories using the app myfitnesspal which is just excellent. Based on your level of activity, height and weight it will calculate you a daily calorie limit. Now I looked after what I ate and exercised 3 times a week.


Here's the summary for the geek diet...


Writing Comics: Structure and Character

Back again...

All content originally from my magazine project on writing, enjoy!


Alice from Batwoman

Alice - Batwoman 1


Got a request for Alice from Batwoman, so here you go.


What do you think? Love it? Hate it?


Super Orbital

Supergirl in Orbit


Super Girl heading somewhere fast or more like away form somewhere fast...

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